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  • Escape Fast Food Game - (92% Like It) You have been trapped in Chunky Burger, a local fast food restaurant! Search for clues and find objects that can help you unlock the doors and escape! You'll have to solve several puzzles and use every item you find if you want to get out before anyone sees you!
  • Destino RE Game - (92% Like It) The car of your dreams is now available in Il Destino R! There is a problem because although the car has been located, it is not officially yours. Explore the car dealership room and find a way to get that car out!
  • Mandrake Game - (92% Like It) After many years of work, you have been able to create a singing a Mandrake only to have it go missing! Help Helga and Helmut van der Doom recover their missing treasure in this fun point and click game!
  • Supermax Game - (91% Like It) You'll have to navigate through a maze of cells avoiding guards if you want to break out of this Supermax Prison! Follow each instruction carefully and watch the guards path if you want to avoid getting caught! See if you can pass each increasingly difficult level!
  • Escape Clocktower Game - (91% Like It) There was a mysterious clock tower that you had to check out, but the door shut behind you, locking you in! Search the abandoned clock tower and see if you can solve the difficult puzzles to escape! Look for items and clues that are in each room to help you get out!
  • Basketball Diary Game - (90% Like It) A young kid has gone missing and you need to investigate the scene of the crime to find her in Unlock the Mystery 2: Basketball Diary! Look for hidden objects that may help you unravel what happened! You'll have to search through lots of rooms and a bunch of items before you can find the important clues!
  • Speed Escape 2 Game - (90% Like It) You have been challenged to escape 3 different rooms in the fastest amount of time in Speed Escape 2! You only have 5 minutes to break out of each room, so make sure you work quickly! See if you can solve all 3 rooms in 15 minutes!
  • Ghostscape Game - (90% Like It) In Ghostscape you have been called in to explore a haunted house that has been the setting of some very mysterious murders! As a paranormal investigator you must document any odd findings at the house and solve numerous puzzles so you can escape!
  • Hanger Escape Game - (89% Like It) You have woken up in an hanger that is currently housing a bomber plane! Wake up, look around, and see if you can find enough clues to steal the plane and escape! You'll have to search everything around you and really keep an eye out for clues!
  • Escape The Attic Game - (89% Like It) You have been locked in a mysterious attic that is full of old antiques! Search the small room and look try to uncover 6 keys that you can use to Escape the Attic! You'll have to solve a few puzzles along the way, so think carefully!
  • Escape The Museum Game - (89% Like It) You fell asleep in the museum and now you are locked in for the night! You must find a way to break out and escape the museum before someone thinks you broke in! Use the clues and the common objects lying around to get out!
  • Arcade Escape Game - (88% Like It) You managed to get locked in the arcade, which sounded like fun at first, but you realized you are out of quarters! See if you can get out of the building by finding clues and other objects that can help you break out! Make sure to get out before anyone notices!
  • Mystery Library Game - (88% Like It) You have woken up in a strange library in a gigantic mansion and you need to find a way out! In Mysterious Library Escape, look around the room and see if you can uncover any clues that may aid you in your escape! Make sure to check everything and see if you can solve the puzzles to get out!
  • Escape The Car Game - (86% Like It) You have awoken in a strange car and you don't remember what happened to you! In Escape the Car you must search your surroundings and see if you can find enough items to help you get out! Search everything and don't leave anything unturned!
  • Escape A Mansion Game - (86% Like It) You have been trapped in a haunted mansion and there is not an obvious way out! Search for clues among the numerous rooms in the house and see if you can unlock the door to the outside! You'll have to solve numerous puzzles and unlock a series of clues if you want to escape!
  • Escape 13th Floor Game - (86% Like It) You have been mysteriously locked on an abandoned office floor in Escape the 13th Floor! Find clues and items that can help you get out of this crazy predicament! See if you can get out without using any hints!
  • Prison Break Game - (86% Like It) You have been put into a prison cell for something you didn't do and now you only have one chance to escape! In Prison Escape, you must find a way out of the holding cell and then find a way past the guard! Don't get caught or you'll be put into a more secure area!
  • Escape The Sauna Game - (85% Like It) You somehow got locked in the sauna and now you must escape before the temperatures reach a dangerous level! In Escape the Sauna, you must search through the room looking for objects that can help you reduce the temperature in the room and find a way out! Look through everything in the room and don't leave any area uncovered!
  • Hidden Island Game - (85% Like It) Lost on Hidden Island - You have crashed landed on a remote island and your crew is missing! Search the island for hidden objects and try to find a way off the island. Play Lost on Hidden Island and see if you can escape certain death!
  • Penguin Escape Game - (85% Like It) Penguin Chuck has been stranded on a hot tropical beach! Help Chuck get back home in Penguin Escape! Click 3 or more identical blocks to help him along his journey to the South Pole!
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