Top Rated puzzle Games
  • Mad World Game - (100% Like It) Find the differences in the mirror images in Mad World! Explore each 3d image and find the secrets of each level. See if you can unlock every strange world!
  • BMX MD Jigsaw Game - (100% Like It) Putting together a full bicycle can be difficult but putting one together in a jigsaw puzzle is fun! See if you can look at the picture of the BMX and then recreate it using the jigsaw puzzle pieces! Try to complete the challenge in the time allotted or click off the timer to have a relaxing game!
  • Slice Geom Game - (100% Like It) In Slice Geom, you must divide each shape into equal parts! Look at the chalkboard and look at the amount of parts you have to create and how many lines you are allowed to draw! The closer you are to getting equal parts, the more points you'll receive!
  • Lightning Cards Game - (96% Like It) Try to get rid of your cards as fast as possible in Lightning Cards! You must first look at the cards in the middle of the table and then place a card from your deck that is either one higher or one lower in value! Make sure you pay attention to the arrow below the cards because that will tell you if you need to go higher or lower!
  • Bloons 4 Expansion Game - (96% Like It) Protect your base from the oncoming balloons by buying towers, planes, bombs, and dart throwing monkeys in Bloons TD 4 Expansion! Design your own levels or just play the ones included with the game! See if you can survive all the rounds without letting one balloon pass!
  • BMW Z8 Jigsaw Game - (96% Like It) Put together a BMW Z8 without using a picture as a reference in this quick jigsaw puzzle! Each piece will pop into place if you have the right area, so make sure you have everything lined up correctly! See how fast you can complete the jigsaw puzzle!
  • Brave Kitten Game - (94% Like It) Harry must save his cat family in Brave Kitten! Wolves have taken control of his house and they could force the kitties out at any time! Find the clues in each puzzle to help Harry along his journey to find help!
  • Shape Fit Game - (94% Like It) Use all the blocks available to fill each symbol, letter, or letter in Shape Fit! You'll have to plan ahead as you lay down each block, especially as the game gets progressively harder! There are tons of new levels to unlock, so see how many you can beat!
  • ZNumbers Game - (94% Like It) See if you can solve these tricky number based brain teasers in ZNumbers! The goal of the game is to move each block one time without missing any blocks! Keep in mind that a 1 block can only move one space, a 2 block can only move vertically or horizontally 2 spaces, a 3 block can only move vertically or horizontally 3 spaces and so on!
  • Single Noble Game - (94% Like It) The goal of Single Noble is to clear the board of all the pieces by jumping over one piece into an empty space. When you jump a piece, the "jumped" piece will disappear. See if you can get all the way down to one remaining checker piece!
Puzzle Games

There are a variety of games, anywhere from adventure, to shooting, strategy and even puzzles. Puzzles have become pretty popular to the online gaming people. A great thing about puzzle games is there are so many different styles to choose from. It is great to play a puzzle game online because you actually have to sit there and think and figure out how things go. It keeps you going because it can be frustrating at times but you know you can beat it. Usually with puzzle games you can pause them like any other game if you have to get up and go take care of something else. If you haven’t tried any puzzle games online, you definitely need to get your butt in gear and check them out! You will fall in love with them and be addicted quick!

If there is such a thing as good way of wasting time, I guess this is when you play puzzle games. You find different puzzle games here at puzzleplay.com, including bejeweled games and bubble games.

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