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  • Color Chain Game - (93% Like It) Click groups of similar colored blocks to clear them from the board in Color Chain! Use the white blocks to match up with any color that you need! Save bombs to clear out a 3x3 block area!
  • Quick Brick Game - (91% Like It) Clear out the level of all the blocks that are taking over the screen in Quick Bricks! Click on the blocks that are forming a group of 3 or more matching colors to clear them off the board!
  • Digging Diamonds Game - (91% Like It) Search through an old cavern and search for ancient gems and jewels in Digging Diamonds! You'll have to dig through lots of dirt, ice, and stone by clicking two or more matching blocks that are touching! The cave will shake, pushing the minerals closer to you, so make sure they don't trap you inside!
  • Something Fishy Game - (89% Like It) Several baby fish have gotten caught in some bubbles and only you can free them by clicking on matching colored bubbles in Something Fishy! Make sure to help the fishes quickly before the cave fills up with bubbles! When freeing the fish, you'll get a short bonus that can help you in your quest!
  • Greemlins Kamikaze Game - (89% Like It) Evil little gremlins have taken over your village and you must get rid of them at all costs in Greemlins Kamikaze! Blast your fighter towards a similar colored gremlin so that you create a set of 3! Each level will present an interesting challenge, so see if you can complete each one!
  • Blix Game - (87% Like It) Line up the the colored star blocks so it forms a vertical column of 3 matching colors! You'll only have a limited number of times you can slide the stars, so make sure you think about each move! A move won't count against you if you are able to line up a group of stars, so see how long you can last!
  • Fairy Town Game - (86% Like It) See if you can clear all the bubbles by trying to form a group of at least 3 matching balls in Fairy Town! If you need to, use a bomb to clear out a bunch of bubbles at once! The outer circle of bubbles is your ammo, so make sure you finish the level before you run out of shots!
  • Blocky Game - (86% Like It) Blocky is a unique color matching game where you must create a square or rectangle with the corners being blocks of the same color! The bigger the rectangle you create, the more points you'll earn! See how many block you can clear off the board!
  • Bubble It Game - (85% Like It) Try this unique twist of a matching game in Bubble It! In Bubble it, you must click on any ball to transform it into the center of gravity, and then watch as the other bubbles are drawn to it! See if you can get 4 of the incoming bubbles to match to get points!
  • Underwater Pearls Game - (85% Like It) Collect pearls from the sea by shooting a bubble at a group of 2 or more pearls that have the exact same color! Be careful with your shots, because every time you miss an opportunity to collect a pearl, more will appear! See if you can clear all 50 leves!
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