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  • Diamond Valley 2 Game - (95% Like It) Discover the secret gems of ancient India in Diamond Valley 2! You must break the columns that are keeping the jewels locked in by matching 3 of the same type of gems together! If the gem happens to be within a column, it will break allowing you to collect your riches!
  • Digging Diamonds Game - (93% Like It) Search through an old cavern and search for ancient gems and jewels in Digging Diamonds! You'll have to dig through lots of dirt, ice, and stone by clicking two or more matching blocks that are touching! The cave will shake, pushing the minerals closer to you, so make sure they don't trap you inside!
  • Mystic Sea Jewel Game - (89% Like It) Sail the 7 seas and look for the long lost pirate jewels by matching 3 of the same objects in Treasures of the Mystic Sea! You only have a certain amount of time to clear out group of tiles, so make sure you work quickly! Keep an eye out for magic stars that can help you in your quest!
  • Diamond Mine Game - (88% Like It) Match as many gems as possible to clear them out in Diamond Mine! Rotate two gems are next to each other to form a set of three either vertically or horizontally! See how many points you can score in the 5 minute time limit!
  • Gem Bubblez Game - (86% Like It) Launch your jewels to unlock a secret treasure by matching 3 of the same colors in Gem Bubblez! You'll have to plan each shot carefully because the gemz will move down after each series of shots! See if you can get on the high score leaderboard.
  • Beejeweled Game - (86% Like It) Match as many similar colored flowers as possible in BeeJeweled! See if you can accomplish each goal for over 20 different levels! Look for powerups and special flowers when you match more than 3 in a row!
  • Atlantis Quest Game - (86% Like It) Uncover the treasures of Atlantis by exploring ancient lands and historical sites! You'll have to unlock each clue by matching 3 of the same type of item in Atlantis Quest! Complete each level, put the clues together and then unlock the mystery!
  • Around The World Game - (86% Like It) Race to various countries in 80 days as you solve a series of match-3 puzzles in Around the World! You'll have to work quickly and line up 3 of the same items to unlock clues to get to the next destination! Watch the timer and make sure you don't spend too much time in one country!
  • Gem Cavern Game - (86% Like It) Explore an ancient cavern full of mysterious jewels and treasures in Gem Cavern! You'll have to pass multiple levels, each with increasingly difficult challenges if you want to collect all the gems! Look for powerups and watch out for the traps that will hinder your progress!
  • Triple Rotate Game - (86% Like It) See if you can unlock the mysterious treasures that lie within the temple in Triple Rotate! You'll have to rotate each triangle so that all the points have the same colored jewels if you want to unlock the ancient temple! The triangle will become gold once you do this, so the goal is to make every triangle gold before you can move on to the next puzzle!
  • Gem Invasion Game - (86% Like It) Collect as many jewels as possible without letting them hit the laser at the corner or the board in Gem Invasion! You'll have to match 3 or more matching colors to collect each set of gems! Plan your moves carefully because after a certain amount of moves, your gems will be pushed closer to the laser!
  • Sea Treasure Game - (86% Like It) Travel under the sea to uncover a wealth of diamonds and jewels in Sea Treasure Match! Each level will contain golden squares that you can clear by matching one of the jewels within that square! See if you can get through each level before time runs out!
  • Bejewel Blast Game - (86% Like It) Create lines either horizontally or vertically with three or more matching jewels in Bejewl Blast! As you clear out the board, more jewels will appear! The more jewels you match, the more points you'll earn!
  • Bedazzled Game - (86% Like It) Head to the Middle East and unlock ancient treasures in Bedazzled! To collect each jewel, you'll have to form a group of 3 or more matching gems by switching adjacent tiles! You'll only have a minute, but more time is added after every successful match!
  • Treasure Chain Game - (86% Like It) In Treasure Chain, you must find matching sets of 2 or more jewels. To collect the jewels, just click on them to make them disappear from the board. See how large a collection you can build before time runs out!
  • Amazon Quest Game - (85% Like It) Explore the Amazon and find the treasures of the Aztecs by matching 3 of the same jewels! You'll have a long journey so work quickly to match each line of jewels! See if you can survive each increasingly difficult level!
  • Gems Swap Game - (85% Like It) Clear off the board of all the gems by creating lines of 3 or more gems of the same kind! In Gem Swap you must rotate two adjacent jewels so that it forms matching sets! See how fast you can clear off the board and move to the next level!
  • Age Of Japan Game - (85% Like It) Collect ancient Japanese artifacts by matching 3 of the same items in a row! You'll explore peaceful gardens and more as you complete more puzzles! See if you can uncover all the secrets in Age of Japan!
  • Aztec Treasure Game - (85% Like It) Explore the ancient ruins of the the Aztecs and unlock all their lost treasures! In Aztec Treasure, you must collect gems by matching 3 similar jewels. Watch out for power-ups that will help you complete each level!
  • Cosmic Rocks Game - (84% Like It) Head into space as you destroy asteroids of matching colors in Cosmic Rocks! Keep an eye out for the jewels that will fall after you blow up each asteroid! see how many points you can get before time runs out!
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