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  • Bubble Shooter 2 Game - (100% Like It) Launch these friendly bubbles towards each other and see if you can clear out each level! Try to match the colors to form a group of 3 so that they disappear from the board! Clear the whole board to move to the next level!
  • Something Fishy Game - (90% Like It) Several baby fish have gotten caught in some bubbles and only you can free them by clicking on matching colored bubbles in Something Fishy! Make sure to help the fishes quickly before the cave fills up with bubbles! When freeing the fish, you'll get a short bonus that can help you in your quest!
  • Greemlins Kamikaze Game - (89% Like It) Evil little gremlins have taken over your village and you must get rid of them at all costs in Greemlins Kamikaze! Blast your fighter towards a similar colored gremlin so that you create a set of 3! Each level will present an interesting challenge, so see if you can complete each one!
  • Underwater Pearls Game - (86% Like It) Collect pearls from the sea by shooting a bubble at a group of 2 or more pearls that have the exact same color! Be careful with your shots, because every time you miss an opportunity to collect a pearl, more will appear! See if you can clear all 50 leves!
  • Fairy Town Game - (86% Like It) See if you can clear all the bubbles by trying to form a group of at least 3 matching balls in Fairy Town! If you need to, use a bomb to clear out a bunch of bubbles at once! The outer circle of bubbles is your ammo, so make sure you finish the level before you run out of shots!
  • Hardball Frenzy Game - (86% Like It) Try to clear the stage of the green balls by strategically launching your shot in HardBall Frenzy! Each level will get tougher and you'll have less shots to accomplish your goal, so make sure you think ahead! Lookout for obstacles and other perils!
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There are several different bubble games out there so if this is the type of game that you are looking for, rest assured that there is one that will be right for you. Most of these games are some type of match three games with bubbles where you either move them around or shoot them out of a cannon to make multiples of three. These games are a matter of skill but are great to kill a little bit of time.

Some cool bubble games are bubble shoot and bubble smile. Bubble shoot is a game skill that you can download onto your phone or play online. In bubble shoot you have two different game modes to play in where you can shoot the bubbles out of a cannon trying to match three or more bubbles of the same color. Bubble smile is very similar except instead of shooting out the bubbles you swap them with nearby bubbles. Be warned though, once you start playing they get addicting and you may be at it for hours on end.

There are other games on that are as fun as bubble games. You can also try Bejeweled games and different kinds of board games.

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