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  • Lightning Cards Game - (96% Like It) Try to get rid of your cards as fast as possible in Lightning Cards! You must first look at the cards in the middle of the table and then place a card from your deck that is either one higher or one lower in value! Make sure you pay attention to the arrow below the cards because that will tell you if you need to go higher or lower!
  • Single Noble Game - (94% Like It) The goal of Single Noble is to clear the board of all the pieces by jumping over one piece into an empty space. When you jump a piece, the "jumped" piece will disappear. See if you can get all the way down to one remaining checker piece!
  • Reversi Gold Game - (92% Like It) Take over the entire board by jumping over your opponent's pieces and capturing them in Reversi Gold Edition! Any piece that lies between yours will be converted to your color when you jump it! Whoever has the most pieces at the end wins the game!
  • Tripeaks Solitaire Game - (92% Like It) Your goal in Tripeaks Solitaire is to clear all the cards from the three towers and collect them in your stack! You must collect the cards in sequential order based on the object cards at the bottom of the tower! You only have so many object cards, so make sure you choose the tower cards carefully!
  • Mahjongg Fun Game - (91% Like It) Play a traditional game of Mahjongg by trying to match similar looking tiles! The goal of Mahjongg Fun is to clear the board of all your tiles in the quickest time possible! You can only match tiles that are not covered or blocked by other tiles, so use a hint if need be!
  • Jade Mahjongg Game - (91% Like It) Play an classic game of Mahjong where you must clear out all the tiles by matching all the identical tiles together! You can only clear out the tiles that are not touching or being blocked by other blocks! The faster you clear the board, the more points you'll earn!
  • Crescent Cards 2 Game - (90% Like It) See if you can solve the ancient game of Crescent Solitaire by clearing out all the cards in the outer layer! The goal is to go from King all the way to Ace and from Ace all the way to King, all while using the same suit! The cards will begin to repeat themselves, so pick your cards carefully!
  • Solitario Game - (90% Like It) Attempt to jump as many pegs as possible and clear out the board in Solitario! Jump pegs to clear them from the table in a fashion similar to checkers. The more pegs you clear the higher your score!
  • Scarab Solitaire Game - (90% Like It) Play an ancient card game as you try to unlock the mysterious treasures of Egypt in Scarab Solitaire! The goal of the game is to clear the board of cards by picking a card that is in sequential order of the object card! Plan your moves carefully and see how many levels you can complete!
  • Golf Solitaire Game - (90% Like It) The goal of Golf Solitaire is to move all the cards to the bottom pile by layering them in sequential order! You can only move a card from the top pile if it is one higher or lower than the object card! Make sure you pay attention to the cards that are in the top pile so you can plan the best strategy!
  • Snakes Ladders Game - (89% Like It) It is the original Snakes and Ladders where you must rely on luck and some skill to get all the way to the end! Roll the spinner and wait to see what your fate is! If you land on a ladder, you'll move upwards to the winning square, but if you land on a snake, you may be sent way back!
  • Snakes And Career Game - (89% Like It) Snakes and Career Ladders - Roll the dice and work your way to the top in this fun spinoff of Snakes and Ladders! You'll have lots of challenges as you land on different areas of the board! See if you will climb the corporate ladder to success or fall back and end up unemployed!
  • Check Flag Game - (89% Like It) Its a combination of chess and capture the flag in Check Flag! Use your pieces to cross the board and steal your opponents flag! Be careful and pay attention to how each piece moves if you want a chance to win!
  • Bloomin Gardens Game - (88% Like It) Your garden is starting to become overrun with flowers! Play Bloomin' Gardens and see how many flowers you can pick by planting 5 of the same plants in a row. Don't let your garden get out of control!
  • Fairway Solitaire Game - (88% Like It) Try your luck at this great variation of the classic Solitaire game! In Fairway Solitaire, you must try to clear the board by putting a consecutive numbered card on top of the object card! The game is scored like golf, so the lower you can get your score the better!
  • Flash Chess 2 Game - (87% Like It) Get ready for a battle of wits and skill as you compete against the computer in Flash Chess! Attempt to checkmate the opponent's king before his army can do the same to you! See how fast you can win!
  • Word Romp Deluxe Game - (86% Like It) See how many word combinations you can come up with in Scrabble Blast, a fun word game that requires both luck and skill! Click on letters that are touching to form as many words as possible before time runs out! Use the scramble button if you run out of word options!
  • Minesweeper Game - (86% Like It) Play a classic game of minesweeper, where you must clear the level of dangerous bombs by using the number clues! Click on a gray box and see if a number or bomb pops up! If a number pops up, that means there are that many bombs touching that number, so make sure you stake things out carefully!
  • Four Square Game - (85% Like It) See if you can beat the computer or a friend in a fun game of Four Square! The goal of the game is to create a 2x2 square of the same colored blocks, all while also trying to block your opponent from doing the same!
  • Chinese Checkers 2 Game - (85% Like It) Compete against up to 1 or 5 computer opponents as you play a traditional game of Chinese Checkers! The goal of Chinese Checkers is to get your pieces all the way across the board to take over one point of the star! The only way to move is by jumping over either your piece or a piece belonging to your opponent!
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